8/15/2018 Last edited: 6/3/2024

CSS in JS with styled-components and React (Manning)

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Dustin Schau

Product & Engineering Leader

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I am incredibly excited to announce that for the last several months I’ve been working on a Manning liveVideo course. The topic, as you may have imagined, is CSS in JS, specifically with a styled-components and React focus.

Hot damn, it’s happening!


However, a React focus can be somewhat limiting, so the last several lessons in the course focus on instrumenting CSS in JS outside of React, e.g. with tools and techniques like CSS Modules, scoped selectors, and even a brief segue into web component land with the Shadow DOM.

The intent is for the course to be super approachable to beginners. However, making something approachable to beginners doesn’t necessarily mean that a variety of skillsets can’t get value out of the course, and I’d like to think there’s something here for not only beginners, but skillsets of a wide variety.

Deal of the Day

If that’s not enough, the course has been selected as the “Deal of the Day” on August 15th! If this course sounds like it could be up your alley—and I truly believe it will be!—consider using the following code for 50% off if purchased on August 15th or August 16th.


Visit the Deal of the Day Page to learn more!